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Overall Rating: 9/10

Age: 7+

GLAM Age Range: 7-14

Number of Players: 2-6

Playing Time: 10 min

Publisher: Spin Master

Complexity: Medium

Available At:

Headbanz 3.PNG

Quick Take: The new version is 20 questions meets Snapchat filters. Pretty brilliant. This was already an excellent choice for a family game night but the filters are pretty great and take the game up a notch. You just need to download the free Hedbanz app. Unfortunately, the filters do not work on older versions of the game, which is disappointing. But the filters are interactive and hilarious and there are even sound effects, it's pretty great and well worth buying the new version of the game. Also, this allows you to play without even having the game with you. Once you've scanned all the cards you can just use your phone to select cards for other players and play the game. Fancy! We already owned this game so I wasn't expecting to be dazzled when we received a free copy of the new version through a Tryazon game night but it exceeded all expectations. 

How to Play: You get a certain amount of time each turn and can ask your opponents yes or no questions. Each time you guess a card correctly you gain a chip. First person to three chips wins!

Variations: We have younger kids so we generally do a more mellow version that basically works like 20 questions. We keep track of the number of guesses it takes for someone to guess their card and then move on to the next player. With the new app it's a lot easier to help younger kids out, you just press the sound button and at least for the majority of the animals this is a dead giveaway for what you should guess. 

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