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Reverse Charades

Overall Rating: 9/10

Age: 6+

GLAM Age Range: 6-Adult

Number of Players: 4+

Playing Time: 20 min

Publisher: Spin Master

Complexity: Low

Available At:

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Quick Take: Great twist on an old classic! Instead of one person acting out clues and everyone else guessing, it's one person guessing while everyone else mimes hints. What's great about Reverse Charades is that it turns out if you're acting silly at the same time as a group of people it mitigates a lot of the embarrassment of acting things out. And strategically, it can be a lot easier to act things out with the help of a couple people. We love this game, it's definitely a crowd pleaser. Works both for an adult only group or as a family game. It definitely works best with six or more people and it was a blast when we played with ten. There are few social games that would easily work for 20+ people and this is one of them. 

How to Play: Split into two teams. One person on a team gets to guess the words on cards as the rest of the members of the team act them out without saying or mouthing any words. Props are allowed. Guess as many clue cards as you can before the timer runs out. You can pass on a card if it is too tough, but you only get one pass per round. Then it's the other team's turn to play a round. Keep the cards you guess correctly in order to keep track of points. Each card is worth one point. Once everyone has had a chance to guess once the game is over and you total up points. Whoever has the most points wins!

Variations: You could allow one person on the opposing team to guess and steal points during each round. They could receive one point for stolen words as opposed to two points for words correctly guessed during the round when their team is acting out the clues. 

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