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Pie Face

Overall Rating: 7/10

Age: 5+

GLAM Age Range: 2-16

Number of Players: 2+

Playing Time: 10 min

Publisher: Hasbro

Complexity: Low

Available At:






Pie Face 2.JPG

Quick Take: I can’t believe this is a real game that exists. It is a game where the purpose is to not get hit in the face with pie or whipped cream or whatever item you choose to play with. And of course, my kids all love it so much. Especially when I make homemade whipped cream to use for the game. When I do this, every time it’s his turn my oldest son turns the crank until he gets hit in the face. He thus loses on purpose but for a delicious reason and who am I to argue with this?

How to Play: You go around in a circle and take turns spinning numbers. This is the number of times you have to turn the crank while placing your face in the official pie face spot. Sometimes you get hit in the face with “pie” or whipped cream or the included little sponge, sometimes you luck out and nothing happens and you pass the pie face contraption on to the next person in the circle. The last person standing is the winner. 


Variations: Young children are largely not cool with the idea of getting hit in the face, even if it's with something yummy. The mere concept terrified my younger two, we used some balloon animals left over from a birthday party for them to use in place of their own faces when it was their turn.  

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