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The Magic Labyrinth

Overall Rating: 9/10

Age: 6+

GLAM Age Range: 5-12

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 20-30min

Publisher: Drei Magier

Complexity: Medium

Available At:


The Magic Labyrinth 2.JPG

Quick Take: There's a secret labyrinth under the board and your character must navigate the pathways in order to collect magic symbols! It's basically like going through an invisible maze. A fun way to develop short term memory skills. The game is beautiful and fun and has high replay value. Easy to adapt to younger ages, which is great because my 3 year old recognizes a cool game when he sees it and is desperate to play this with the older two kids.


How to Play: The first to collect 5 magic symbols wins. Each player starts in a corner of the board with a magician token with a little metal ball magnetically attached to it through the board. Before the game has started you have set up walls directly under the board, the official rules say you place either 19 or 24 walls depending on how difficult you want the game to be. You draw a magic symbol and the first player to make it to the spot matching that symbol wins the magic symbol piece. You roll a dice to determine how many spaces you move per turn. If you run into a wall on your way, your marble falls from your token and rolls back to the side. You must then start over from your original corner. Play until someone has the necessary number of magic symbols.

Variations: So many great options for this game, some options make the game easier and some make it more interesting. We play with far fewer walls with younger children, like maybe 10. Our other favorite thing to do is draw two or three magic symbols to be collected at a time. It can make people be a little more strategic in how they go about making their moves and it also makes the game move a lot faster. It's great to have this be a 20-30 minute game for ages 6+ but if you're playing with younger children you can easily make this into a 10 minute at a difficulty level appropriate to their age. 


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