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Stephanie's Suggestions #4

Hey Anne, 

I have heard of Button Shy games. I own several including all of the ones you have on order. They are so much fun to play. I have two more suggestions. I visited a bookstore recently and they had a nice selection of games. 

  • Clack!- the goal is to be the one with the biggest tower. You have magnetic pieces/tiles with three symbols on them; the symbols are different colors and shapes. You roll the dice to see which color and shape to find. If you roll white, the category is wild. All players try to pick up a piece that matches with the dice first. Sometimes, there will be multiple choices of tiles, eventually there will be one choice. My son likes simple games like this. He even played it by himself to see how big his tower would get. here is the link to amazon:

  • Slam words-Shake the cup, slam it shut to reveal 3 letters. Quickly find a word that uses the three letters and pass the cup to the next player who has to find a new word, or they are out. This game is highly portable for fun anywhere. Here is the review: My nephew and son liked playing this game. We had to make it more challenging for my nephew (he is 9) by saying the word should be four letters or longer. My son can do it on a basic level. So, this is good for all ages. 

Let me know what you think. 


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