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Stephanie's Suggestions #3

I hope you all are doing well. How did the suggestions for the Girl Scout camp work out? We recently traveled to Washington, D.C for a convention and played some of the games suggested while we waited.  I have some more suggestions. 

  • Honeycombs: A tile placement game, the object of Honeycombs is to connect your tiles together by matching their symbols. The more matches you make the more points you earn. The honeybee is wild and can be connected with any symbol (I copied and pasted this sentence from their website). There are three ways to play it: super competitive, mild competitive, and cooperative. I found this at Barnes and Noble. Another mom there said they own the game and love to play it. 

  • Tinderblox- a small tin dexterity game that is definitely under 20 minutes. You have to build a campfire by placing the piece from the card onto the "campfire". It is small to carry plus it takes up very little play area. This would be good for travel/restaurants/camping but maybe not necessarily for game days. There are bigger dexterity games that might work better. Here are some reviews: My kid hasn't played this with me yet; but I can see him using the pieces to build towers. 

  • Bandido-  a card placement game (I like tile/card placement games) with the goal of stopping the bandit escaping jail. You place the bandit card down and then you and/or others use the cards, which have tunnels on then. Some tunnels end with a dead end; if you get dead ends on all the tunnels you win. Some cards are just tunnels and some cards are a combination of dead ends and tunnels. My son likes this one because there is no reading involved (he is not a strong reader yet) and because it is fun to place the cards. It can take up a lot of tabletop space though. 

  • Bandida- like bandito, it is a card placement game. In fact, it is the sequel to bandito. It has three ways to play. First, you stop bandida from escaping. second, you help bandida find the way out. In this one, you close all but one exit. Third, the goal is for bandida and bandito to escape. you have to have the bandito card from Bandito. You have to link bandida and bandito with tunnels and once again you close all but one tunnel. There are icons on the tunnel cards to add more complexity. 

  • Mouse Cheese Cat Cucumber- It is a card placement game that is part deduction and also nice travel size. Here is a review.

  • Hey, That's My Fish- I played this with my son at a local game board society. He liked this so much.  Here is a review

I hope you had a good Mother's Day. Hope to hear from you soon. 



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