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Stephanie's Suggestions #5

Hey Anne,

Portable games are so much fun. I have a couple of suggestions. 

  • Paku Paku- The rules are covered in this video. This one was a surprising find. It seemed too good to pass and I am so glad I didn't pass on it. We had such a blast playing this quick dice rolling, stacking game. It is a speed and dexterity game, definitely not for the car but great for a table. It has two difficulty levels. Level one lets you stack any plate/bowl/cup on top of eachother. Level two requires that you do not stack a plate on a plate and so forth. So, stacking becomes more difficult. In the course of finding a video, I found a video where the review didn't seem to get the penalty points rule correct. The review by Tom Vassel seems to have gotten the rules correct. 

  • Code Stack- The video gives you the rules. This one can be both educational and fun. I purchased this mainly for the educational aspect; it would be a fun way to teach spelling. But my nephew who usually loves word games didn't like this one. If someone was into word jumble type puzzles they would probably like this. There are ways to make it easier for kids. you could tell them the starting letter and ending letter. you could limit the number of letters in a word; maybe even provide a word list for them to choose from. I liked that it has multiple different ways to play the game including solo. It is made by Amigo, who also made Clack! There is an element of speed in the game when it comes to figuring out the word. Overall, my feelings on this one is that it might not be for everyone but it can be altered to make it easier (more enjoyable) for all age groups. 

  • Kariba- This video covers it all. My brother in law and I really enjoyed playing this game. Plus it is portable; it is made by the same company that makes Bandido. 

  • Hippo- I disagree with this review in some respects. It is simple and perfect for children. However, for adults, it could be a nice filler game. It can be surprisingly strategic. It is not the best game to play in the car; however, it is made from the same people as "bandido". So, it is the same size box and good for travel in that way. 

  • Fairy Tale/Olympus Fluxx- It seems like people either like fluxx or don't like fluxx. Personally, I think it is fantastic. I own several different versions of this game. The two I would recommend is the fairy tale one as well as the Olympus version. I played the fairy tale version with my nephew since he doesn't know about Greek mythology yet. He requests this game now. I have also played the Olympus version with my brother in law, who loved the theme and the game play. In fact, we got so into the game that each of us could have won quicker but didn't realize until one of us won.  

  • Penguin Panic (from the makers of Moose Masters)- My son loved this game; in fact, he immediately made a rule that all the words we said must be pokemon names. He is really into pokemon; I allowed the rule even though it was against the normal rules. The rules are on the amazon site. This game is worth a look. Moose Master may be worth a look too. I have purchased it but I have not play tested it yet.  

Let me know what you think about these games. Hope y'all are having a good summer. 


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