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Winter 2022 Board Game Classes

I love teaching classes at our local community center and I taught two over winter break: Razzle Dazzle Board Games and Cooperative Games. I had a lot of repeat students from my summer classes which makes me so glad. It means if you come to my class you'll have fun and you'll probably want to come back!

Razzle Dazzle Board Games included: Bugs in the Kitchen, Ice Cool, Rhino Hero Super Battle, Sink n' Sand, Klask, Loopin' Chewie, Fastrack, Pop the Box, and The Floor is Lava. The kids liked all of them but the favorites were probably Bugs in the Kitchen (hexbugs are so cool) and Sink n' Sand. Even if you play a lot of strategic board games you deserve some fun times, play date level games!

My Cooperative Games class was packed but fortunately I had two great helpers. My younger son helped with the previous class. I can't say this often enough, playing board games has been so wonderful for my relationship with my kids.

Cooperative board games included: Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters, SOS Dino, Merry Grinchmas, Ice Hoppers, Jumanji Deluxe, and Wilson & Shep. We also played play date type games like Klask, Mr. Mouth, and The Floor is Lava in order to get the wiggles out in-between games. The favorites were probably Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters and Ice Hoppers but it seemed like everyone enjoyed all of the games they played.

My classes run two hours and kids as young as age six attend. I have a pretty nice combination of getting down to business with some serious game time and then making sure kids have a chance to play the games of their choice and hang out with friends. Game time is supposed to be fun and we make sure that is the end result for all the kids!

I love these game classes and have many more planned for kids this summer as well as a few adult classes in the spring! Games are for everyone!

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