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Mouse Trap

Overall Rating: 7/10

Age: 6+

GLAM Age Range: 4-12

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 15 min

Publisher: Hasbro

Complexity: Medium

Available At:


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Quick Take: The most famous Rube Goldberg device of all time! The gameplay itself is rather uninspired but building the mouse trap device is so exciting, for kids young and old. I think the sweet spot for this game is 7-10 year olds, they can play it on their own and they are a prime age for running off and making their own domino type Rube Goldberg device after getting inspired by the fun of this game. Younger children go crazy for this game but just want to make the mouse trap (with lots of assistance) and set it off time after time. There's a reason this classic is still around. 

How to Play: Yes, there are actual rules to this game believe it or not. As you move around the board you build on certain spaces depending on how many people are playing the game. You also collect cheese, which is key for winning the game. At the end of the board is "The Loop" which you and other players circle around until the mouse trap is completed and only one mouse is left in the game. You circle around and around until someone lands on the Turn Crank spot. If someone is on the Cheese Wheel spot when this happens, they are caught and are out of the game. Your cheese pieces are used at this point of the game whenever you land on the Turn Crank space and you want to move opposing players into the Cheese Wheel spot. You play a piece of cheese and roll the dice for a specific player who must move the number on the dice. You can do this for as many pieces of cheese you have, until you have the player in the spot you want them to be. Be the final mouse to remain uncaptured and you win the game!

Variations: Forget the rules, just build the mouse trap and enjoy the show. This is how we play with this game 90% of the time at my house. 

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