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Connect 4

Overall Rating: 7/10

Age: 6+

GLAM Age Range: 4-8

Number of Players: 2

Playing Time: 5-10 min

Publisher: Hasbro

Complexity: Low

Available At:



Quick Take: There’s nothing wrong with this classic. It’s a nice game for kids, even of varying ages. I brought it to a friend’s 40th birthday party recently and kids took turns playing it for most of the party. It’s easy, it’s quick to play, and it’s fun even if you lose because you get to dump the checkers to restart the game.


How to Play: Do what the name of the game says. Connect 4 – take turns playing the checkers and you want to be first with four in a row, in a straight line or diagonal. 

Variations: You could go for five in a row, and I’ve heard of people popping out a checker out of the bottom of a stack instead of playing a checker for their turn but I have no idea how you do this without dumping all of the checkers in play.

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Sequence for Kids,

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