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Zombie Teenz Evolution.jpg

Zombie Teenz Evolution

Overall Rating: 10/10

Age: 8+

GLAM Age Range: 8-16

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 20 min

Publisher: Scorpion Masque

Complexity: Medium

Available At:

Quick Take: Play Zombie Kidz Evolution first, then play this. Even if your kids are older, they will appreciate both and it's the right order to play the game and you'll appreciate both the games more if you play them in this order. Zombie Teenz Evolution has more than lived up to our expectations after playing Zombie Kidz Evolution, it's the same cooperative game premise but this time you're working together to bring crates to the central school building in order to create a cure for the zombies. I love that it has elements that are suited for older players without being overly complicated, that said, if you hop in to play a game with people who are halfway through opening envelopes and adding game elements you will be very confused without a lot of guidance. It's best to have played this game from the beginning. 

How to Play: Your goal is to bring the four crates to the center school space before the zombies overrun the four outer buildings. You place your heroes in the center building to begin play and each crate starts in one of the outer buildings. One of the zombies begins the game on a sewer grate that corresponds to its color. Pick a player to go first and they roll the die. If they roll a color, a zombie is placed on the sewer grate of that color or moves one space along its path if it is already on the board. If they roll a ? on the die then you draw a question card, which essentially works as a chance card. Most of these are not helpful and more zombies are added to the board. After rolling the die, the player gets to choose two of three actions to take: move a space, take out a zombie, or move a crate. You can choose two of the same actions if applicable. In order to move a crate, you must be on a spot and another hero must be on an adjoining spot. If they have the crate you can take it from them into your own square, or if you are the one in the spot with the crate you can pass it on to a player in an adjoining space. Unlike Zombie Kidz, you do not lose if all of the zombies are on the board and you can't place another one when you are meant to, you lose when all four of the buildings on the corner of the board have been overrun by zombies. This happens when a zombie moves to a building spot. At this point a special game piece is placed on the building which shows a trampoline on the top. If you do not stop the zombie at this point and they are able to progress again, they trampoline to the next spot and overtake that building as well, building a trampoline there too. You can attack a zombie in a building but you can't remove the trampoline during the game you're playing. You win if you get all four crates to the center of the board before the zombies have overtaken all of the corner buildings. Additional game elements are added as you play and open up the secret envelopes provided with the game.

Variations: The best thing about this game is that it provides endless variations of its own, slowly​ through the secret envelopes. So much excitement over these envelopes. You can choose to incorporate the new elements from the envelopes but I recommend leaving them out on the first playthrough or two with a new person so they can pick up the basics of the game before adding in new rules.

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