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Top Travel Games - Nov 2018

Need something compact and easy to bring with you for a trip? Here are some excellent options!


Age: 3+

Rating: 9/10

Spot it Jr.! Animals

A bunch of cards in a small tin, this game takes up minimal space while being a lot of fun to play! Easy to play on a plane ride or in the back seat of a car.


Age: 6+

Rating: 8/10

Sorry! Revenge

So much better and more interesting than Sorry!. There are still opportunities for betrayal and backstabbing but it's quick to play and you get to employ more strategy.


Age: 7+

Rating: 9/10

Exploding Kittens

This game has a fun novelty factor and a good mix of strategy and luck with excellent replay value.


Age: 8+

Rating: 9/10

Roll for it!

It's a dice game where you're competing to win cards with dice combinations on them. It's one of our favorites to play with visiting family and it is a great option to have around the holidays.

Rock Paper Scissors War.JPG

Age: 5+

Rating: 8/10

Rock Paper Scissors War!

Combination of the two classic games in the title. With the addition of super hero versions of cards and bomb cards they add a lot of variety to the game without adding difficulty. Your child will love this game. Easy to play in the car or on a plane.


Age: 6+

Rating: 9/10

Rat-A-Tat Cat

One of our favorite games. This game is a mix of memory, skill, and luck. Excellent replay value, good for a mixed age group of kids.


Age: 8+

Rating: 10/10

Monopoly Deal

All of the fun of Monopoly and in a travel friendly card game form. This game has a much nicer balance of strategy and luck than traditional Monopoly. And it's quick to play!


Age: 8+

Rating: 9/10

Sleeping Queens

Easy to learn how to play, simple but fun strategy, and your child will practice simple math skills! Great for multi-age play.

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