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Travel Games - March 2020

Going somewhere for Spring Break? These are small, portable games that are great to bring along in order to add a little quality time to your vacation. 

Spot it Animals.JPG

Spot it Jr.! Animals

There are loads of versions of this super portable game. My daugher still loves it at age 6. Great entertainment for a car, plane, or restaurant.

Age: 2-6

Players: 2-6

Rating: 9/10

Sleeping Queens.JPG

Sleeping Queens

Small box but you need a bit of space to play the game. There are knights, dragons, and magic potions in this fun game where you collect the most queens or the highest value queens to win. Appeals to boys and girls and plays well for a wide age range.

Age: 5-12

Players: 2-5

Rating: 9/10



It's a slightly more strategic version of Yahtzee where you play against your opponent in order to win the most of the poker style chips. It's self-contained and you roll the dice within the board.


Age: 6-Adult

Players: 1-4

Rating: 10/10

No Thanks!.JPG

No Thanks!

Want a game that is fun and lighthearted but still incorporates an element of backstabbing? This is it! Pick up the card or say "No Thanks!" and let it pass by. Lowest score wins. Easy to get up and running with the rules, easy to chat while playing a game. Great choice for after a day at the lake or the beach. 

Age: 7-Adult

Players: 3-7

Rating: 9/10

Cat Stax.JPG

Cat Stax

Cat themed puzzle, very portable. Can play with it as intended or do what my kids do and play with the cats as little toys. Easy to bring along to a restaurant or as a quiet morning or evening activity in a hotel. 

Age: 10-Adult

Players: 1

Rating: 8/10

Rock Paper Scissors War.JPG

Rock Paper Scissors War!

War meets rock paper scissors. It's a small deck of cards. Great game, you could play this on a plane flight or in a car if you're careful. 

Age: 3-12

Players: 2-3

Rating: 8/10

King's Gold.JPG

King's Gold

Roll the dice and collect gold from the middle or steal from your opponents. You can take it easy on younger players by not stealing from them or helping them make strategic decisions. Zero setup for this small, very portable game.

Age: 6-16

Players: 2-6

Rating: 9/10



One of the best family games out there. Roll the dice and choose which numbers to mark off in order to maximize the number of spots you fill out on your sheet. Portable, young kids can play with minimal assistance, and also great for adults. 

Age: 6-Adult

Players: 2-5

Rating: 10/10

Monopoly Deal.JPG

Monopoly Deal

Make memories not enemies with this version of Monopoly that maintains the fun of the original with more strategic decision making and can be played in 20 minutes. It's just a deck of cards and takes up minimal suitcase space.

Age: 8-Adult

Players: 2-5

Rating: 9/10

Eight-Minute Empire.JPG

Eight-Minute Empire

It's more like 18 minute empire but it's basically Risk with a little more strategy in a lot less time. You're away from home and could possibly have some free time in the evening, try out a high caliber game that takes very little time to play.


Age: 13-Adult

Players: 2-5

Rating: 10/10

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