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Top 5 Games To Play With Kids of Different Ages

Games for multiple kids playing at once who may not be at the same ability level. Here are some of our favorite options. Please note, there are no cooperative games on this list. I have included a link to the GLAM cooperative game list below because any cooperative game is a good pick with multi-age kids.


Age: 4+

Rating: 9/10


Nature trivia game with tiered levels of questions depending on the age and knowledge of the participants. It's a quick, easy game with enough elements to make things fun without making the game overly complicated. 

Rat-A-Tat Cat.JPG

Age: 6+

Rating: 9/10

Rat-a-Tat Cat

Go for the low score and victory! It's a little bit of memory and a little bit of strategy with some luck thrown in for good measure. 

Sleeping Queens.JPG

Age: 8+

Rating: 9/10

Sleeping Queens

Awaken and collect the most "Sleeping Queens" to win. Some basic and fun strategy elements (who doesn't like knights, dragons, magic wands, and sleeping potions?) and you even get to sneak in some basic math practice for your kids. This game is a big win on all levels. 

Rock Paper Scissors War.JPG

Age: 5+

Rating: 8/10

Rock Paper Scissors War!

This combination of two classics works better than you would think. Kids are instantly familiar with the fundamentals of how to play and it allows you to play a game as simple as war with the fun of rock paper scissors in a reasonable time frame. 


Age: 7+

Rating: 9/10


Great spacial strategy game. This game has a higher level of skill vs luck than the other games on this list but every game should be fairly close as long as both players are able to employ some basic strategy. This is a classic that everyone from kids to adults can enjoy.

Hoot Owl Hoot.JPG

Cooperative Games

A link to the GLAM list of cooperative games. Always a good pick with younger kids, especially when you're playing with kids who are different ages and at different ability levels.

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