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Top 5 Cooperative Games

Don't knock 'em till you try them. Cooperative games are fantastic for young kids and don't diminish the joy of competition and playing a game, they change your focus from competing against each other to competing to achieve a common goal. Most of the cooperative games I've found have been for kids but there are a few for adults as well.


Age: 3+

Rating: 9/10

Busytown Eye Found It!

A look and find game that kids will enjoy regardless if they know what Busytown is or not. Everyone moves their own tokens but you must all make it to the end before all the picnic food is gone in order to win the game!


Age: 4+

Rating: 9/10

Hoot Owl Hoot!

Feels like a new classic when you play it. Simple game premise with opportunities to escalate to higher strategy levels. This game is great for younger kids or a mixed age group of kids. It ages well, kids will enjoy playing this for years.


Age: 8+

Rating: 10/10

5 Minute Dungeon

The only adult game on this list and one of my go-to games for a fun adult game night. This game may be cooperative but it is intense. The rules are simple but you have to think quickly and work as a team to beat the 5 minute timer and defeat the boss.


Age: 4+

Rating: 9/10

Dinosaur Escape

Memory with a twist, you want to match the dinosaurs with their tokens before you roll too many volcanoes and assemble the entire volcano in the middle of the board. Can easily be scaled down in difficulty for younger players.


Age: 5+

Rating: 10/10


It's a cooperative, more simple version of Clue. But with foxes and clues you get to place in a secret decoder. It is a blast to play. 

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