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The Cat Game

Overall Rating: 6/10

Age: 16+

GLAM Age Range: 16-Adult

Number of Players: 3+

Playing Time: 20 min

Publisher: Spin Master

Complexity: Low

Available At:

The Cat Game 2.jpg

Quick Take: Pictionary with cats. Cute for novelty factor for an adult game night but the board is a nightmare to erase and the pens that come with the game don't work. But the prompts are cute and the cats are lots of fun for novelty factor and also make it easier to play even if you are bad at drawing. Cute option for a game night with adults. The Dog Game is your better choice if you want to play with kids and the premise is more unique (match cards to the dog pictures you think they best correspond with). As a cat person I can't believe I am saying this, but between the two I would go with The Dog Game.

How to Play: It's essentially Pictionary, but you have to include at least one cute cat in your drawing. In team play, two people from opposing teams each pick a card and pick one of the options on the card to draw. You select the cats you wish to incorporate into your drawing, which are placed under a plastic flap on your board. Both teams start drawing simultaneously. The first team to figure out their word earns two points, or if one team correctly guesses the other team's word before they do then they earn one point. Official rules say first to 20 points wins but you can pick whatever point total you wish. 

Variations: They have variations where one person draws and whoever guesses first gets the point, or you can play standard team rules. There also is an option where other players get to select the category you must draw. 

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