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GLAM Thanksgiving Game List - 2018

You are with family for a few days and you want to have some quality time together. Try a board game! The games listed here are quick, easy to pick up, and simple to play. Great for multiple generations getting together and making some memories!


Age: 4+

Rating: 9/10

Hoot Owl Hoot!

Feels like a new classic when you play it. Simple game premise with opportunities to escalate to higher strategy levels. This game is great for younger kids or a mixed age group of kids. It ages well, kids will enjoy playing this for years.


Age: 7+

Rating: 9/10


If you love games like Tetris or Othello, this is a great spacial awareness game that is simple to learn and a lot of fun to play. It feels like an instant classic.


Age: 8+

Rating: 9/10

Roll for it!

Made by the same company that created Tsuro, this game is like a more forgiving and interesting version of Yahtzee and is our go-to game for relatives who are not interested in learning a new game with a lot of rules. It's easy to play but still a lot of fun.


Age: 6+

Rating: 8/10

Sorry! Revenge

Faster and more strategic version of Sorry! in a card game format. Great for mixed aged groups.


Age: 8+

Rating: 9/10


Follow the path! A simple and beautiful game that requires very little instruction to begin game play. It can be played successfully with 2-8 players which is a great range to have when you have people over. Be the last one to have your piece run into another player or go off the board and you'll be the winner!


Age: 8+

Rating: 9/10

Sleeping Queens

Simple strategy game that the kids will love. And they will practice simple math, which is a nice perk! The cards are cute and fun and it has a nice mix of luck and skill.

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