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Spooky Games - October 2019

You want to have a spooky good time leading up to Halloween? Play a new game!

Go Away Monster!.JPG

Go Away Monster!

Find the missing pieces of your bedroom set. If you grab a monster out of the sack, shout, "Go away monster!" It's surprisingly cathartic, even for adults. 

Age: 2-5

Rating: 8/10

Scooby Doo Fright at the Fun Park.JPG

Scooby-Doo! Fright at the Fun Park.

This is a family favorite. Nothing says cute and spooky like Scooby-Doo. The game is basically a much simpler version of Clue.

Age: 4-8

Rating: 9/10

Cauldron Quest.JPG

Cauldron Quest

Strategic cooperative game. Roll your dice and move secret potion pieces in order to defeat the wizard and create the correct potion. 

Age: 5-8

Rating: 9/10

Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters.JPG

Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters

Challenging cooperative game. It's kind of like Clue meets Ghost Busters. Get in the haunted house and collect the treasure and get out before the house is completely overrun with ghosts.

Age: 6-16

Rating: 10/10

One Night Ultimate Werewolf.JPG

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Who is the werewolf in your midst? There are lots of shifting roles in this social game. You could be a werewolf, a minion, a villager, or the town drunk - and often what you were at the beginning of the night isn't what you are by the end.

Age: 8-Adult

Rating: 8/10

Feed the Woozle.JPG

Feed the Woozle

Social, cooperative game where you feed a cute monster. Great for a Halloween party with little ones!

Age: 3-6

Rating: 7/10



Terrifying Native American legend meets cute board game. Memory game where you determine who the Wendigo is as he moves spots and takes out campers in the night time. 


Age: 4-12

Rating: 8/10

Shadows in the Forest.JPG

Shadows in the Forest

A game you play in the dark. It's basically like playing flashlight tag but board game style. So cool. 


Age: 5-14

Rating: 9/10

The Mind.JPG

The Mind

Cooperative game. Say nothing, make no signals, and read each other's minds in order to play cards in sequence. It's a crazy concept, especially when it works!

Age: 8-Adult

Rating: 9/10



It's like 20 questions, but the person in the Werewolf role is trying to lead you astray. Win or lose, this game is always very entertaining and a lot of fun to play.

Age: 8-Adult

Rating: 10/10

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