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Social Games - May 2019

All the best parties have a good party game! Holidays, wedding rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, and family visiting over the summer - get a new social game and make some memories together! 

Pancake PileUp.JPG

Pancake Pile-Up

Social game for the youngest set. Great for a family BBQ or if you want to get some energy out during a playdate. Race to build the pancakes pile on your card. Kids love pancakes, this game is very cute. 

Age: 2-6

Rating: 7/10

Pie Face.JPG

Pie Face

It turns out pie or whipped cream hitting a person in the face is eternally funny. There are My Little Pony, Olaf, and Minion versions as well as one with a cannon (?!?) and Showdown, the one where two people line up side by side and hit a button as quickly as possible to compete for who will get whipped cream to the face. Kids lose their minds over this game

Age: 2-16

Rating: 8/10


Bounce Off

Like darts but with balls. There are a number of versions out there, it's great if you want an dart-like experience without putting holes in your walls. It's also great to have a game that keeps small children entertained but is also a viable game for grownups. 

Age: 3-Adult

Rating: 7/10



Guess the secret words! A more competitive party game with a bunch of spin-offs like Disney, Marvel, and Pictures. A favorite at our house. 


Age: 10-Adult

Rating: 10/10

Cards Against Humanity.JPG

Cards Against Humanity

The classic inappropriate version of Apples to Apples. They have cards themed for every occasion, you'll feel like a terrible person for playing but you're guaranteed to laugh like crazy. 

Age: 17-Adult

Rating: 8/10

Feed the Woozle.JPG

Feed the Woozle

Cooperative social game if you want the kids to play and be more about enjoying the experience than cutthroat competition. Do a series of fun or silly activities as you feed the Woozle monster. 

Age: 3-6

Rating: 7/10



Quarters meets corn hole. There's a surprising number of ways to play and it's very flexible when it comes to how many people you have playing this game. 

Age: 8-Adult

Rating: 5/10

Pling Pong.JPG

Pling Pong

Your non-alcoholic, more strategic, all ages version of beer pong. Nice for a new game to play outside at a BBQ.  

Age: 8-Adult

Rating: 6/10

Bring Your Own Book.JPG

Bring Your Own Book

Great social game for the book lover in your life. You create your own answers from the books you have selected to a series of prompts so this game can be as clean or dirty as you like depending on your audience and the books you have selected for game play. 

Age: 12-Adult

Rating: 9/10

Kinder Perfect.JPG

Kinder Perfect

Cards against humanity but for parents of young children. There's literal potty humor, this is ideal for a baby shower or a parenting group.

Age: 17-Adult

Rating: 8/10

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