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Short Games for Busy Days - August 2019

School is starting back up and your schedule is getting packed. All the games on this list can be played in 5-10 minutes or less.

Busytown Cars and Trucks.JPG

Busytown Cars and Trucks

Mostly number recognition and a little bit of addition. Excellent for younger kids.

Age: 2-5

Rating: 6/10

Disney Princess Magic Castle Game.JPG

Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Castle Game

I was first sold on this game when I read an online review complaining about how short it was. Sign me up! It's super easy and there are princesses. Perfection.

Age: 3-6

Rating: 8/10

Bugs in the Kitchen.JPG

Bugs in the Kitchen

Hexbugs are so cool and a round of play only takes a couple minutes. Lead the hexbug through a shifting labyrinth you control in order to catch it.

Age: 4-8

Rating: 7/10

Super Kitty Bug Slap.JPG

Super Kitty Bug Slap

Unlike a lot of speed games, this one has rounds of play so it's actually an excellent short game option. Just play one or two rounds if you're short on time.

Age: 5-12

Rating: 8/10

5 Minute Dungeon.JPG

5 Minute Dungeon

As the name suggests, this is a very short game. However, a bit of set up and clean up is involved so take that into account. It packs a lot of game into 5 minutes, this is a favorite of ours.

Age: 8-Adult

Rating: 10/10



This game has essentially no set-up, is super easy to clean up, is easy to play, and seems to appeal equally to girls and boys. It's a grand slam game and is one of my go-to birthday gifts. 

Age: 2-6

Rating: 9/10

Loopin' Chewy.JPG

Loopin' Chewie

This is the most requested game to play when my kids'  friends come over to our house. It's really quick and it's Star Wars themed. There's a high "cool" factor at play here. 


Age: 4-8

Rating: 8/10



This has been the surprise game of the summer for our kids. The person who choses the Wendigo role usually loses but it's really fun to play as the Wendigo so they don't care. Most games are over within 10 minutes.


Age: 4-12

Rating: 8/10

King's Gold.JPG

King's Gold

This was a family favorite when we took it to the lake with us this summer. Roll the dice and steal as much gold as you can to win the game! Quick, easy, and fun to play.

Age: 6-16

Rating: 9/10



It's like 20 questions - but with a person in the role of the Werewolf, trying to lead you astray. We love this game so much. Each round only takes 4 minutes!

Age: 8-Adult

Rating: 10/10

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