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Roll for it!

Overall Rating: 9/10

Age: 8+

GLAM Age Range: 7-Adult

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 15 min

Publisher: Calliope Games

Complexity: Low

Available At:


Quick Take: Great choice for a game night. The rules and strategy are simple but fun. This is a nice social game, anyone can chat during it. It's like a quick version of Yahtzee with more variety and you're playing against each other to collect the same cards.


How to Play: The first person to score 40 points wins. Each person picks a color of dice to play with, there are 6 dice per person. You deal out three cards face up in the middle of the group. Each person takes a turn to roll their dice and place them in front of the cards they are trying to win by matching the dice pictured on the card. The trick is, only one person can win each card and many times multiple people are trying to win the same card. And once your dice are in front of a card, they can only be moved if you or someone else has won the card. Or you can get them back if you completely give up on the cards you've put dice in front of and take your dice back from all of them. Each card has a point value assigned to it, once you get up to 40 points you are the winner!

Variations: You can change the number of points it takes to win if you want a quicker game (although it's reasonably short already). And if you want to play a more forgiving version of the game you can nix the rule about each die being stuck at the card where they were placed until the card is won by someone and people can move the dice around to their hearts content. This makes the game move a little faster and takes away some of the frustration factor, which can be helpful particularly if you're playing with kids under the age of 8. 


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