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Unmatched - It's an Obsession

Unmatched is the single most played game in our house right now. I usually don't do blog posts about specific games but we have seven different versions of this one and play it at least three times a week so I think it's worthy.

It's officially described as a miniature dueling game but to me it feels like a board game version of the video game Super Smash Bros. But more strategic and with less button mashing on my part. You can take a character from any set and battle a character from any other set. So Little Red Riding Hood can battle King Arthur, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer can battle Sherlock Holmes. You can play 2, 3, or 4 player and the 4 player games are team battles which adds an element to the game.

The attention to detail is amazing and my boys are a little bit in love with Bruce Lee after playing with his set and watching one of his movies (my husband assured me it was necessary). There are a bunch of Marvel themed sets coming out now as well. Honestly my biggest complaint about this game is how many sets you end up getting once you decide you love this game. More characters equal more fun and there are exactly zero sets that aren't excellent in their own right.

We started with the Jurassic Park set but I think Battle of Legends is the easiest to learn on. You really can't go wrong with any of them though. I would say these are not for the casual gamer. My 9 year old son legitimately beats me on a regular basis, my 8 year old daughter wants nothing to do with this fighting game, and it's still a little too tricky for my 6 year old son but he loves watching people play and he understands the fundamentals of the game.

We've introduced this game to a bunch of people with varying levels of success. I don't think the level of game play or strategy is excessively difficult, it just depends on the type of game you enjoy. If you don't like the feeling of people being out to get you, then this is not your game. But oh man, if you're into a tight strategy game that you can play over and over again and it's exciting and different each time, this is the game for you. We're obsessed.

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