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Tryazon Party with Spin Master Games

Tryazon partnered with Spin Master Games to send out FIVE games for folks to try out.

We ended up playing them over the course of three different game nights, because five games is a lot and the Netflix Trending Now game is ages 14+ so it was going to be tricky to fit that in as part of a family game night.

Harry Potter: Catch the Golden Snitch - it's like Spoons or Throw Throw Burrito but for Harry Potter nerds. Lots of Harry Potter fans in this group, it was as close as you'll get to the thrill of playing Quidditch!

Jumanji Deluxe Game - woo this was fancy. The board comes alive JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE. It's cooperative and cute and I'd say more of a fun family experience, which isn't a bad thing. You do fun activities and bond and there's about a 99% chance you win the game.

Netflix Trending Now - Apples to Apples type social game, you don't need to watch a lot of Netflix to be able to play this game. We enjoyed it, if you play games like Cards Against Humanity and need a theme switch this one is fun times.

Beat the Parents - trivia game with a wager at stake. It was pretty cute, although figuring out a kid wager that wasn't "I want a new kitty!" was tricky. The trivia questions are easier for the adults than they are for the kids but the kids will come from behind on any of the challenge card questions, those often involve getting up and running around the house in order to complete a silly and cute task.

Hedbanz Blast Off - guess the word on your head before the time runs out and it shoots out of the holder! Speed games seem to stress my kids out but you don't have to use the timer if you'd rather not and they enjoyed putting the card in and watching it shoot out. We discovered that you have to be really careful while inserting the card to do it just right, otherwise it's easy to bend it.

I have how to play videos for these games coming to my YouTube channel in the next month or two! Fall is a great time to stock up on new games. The weather gets cozy and it doesn't have to be particularly challenging or scary to pick up a new game, it's just a fantastic way to get in some quality family time doing something fun together. The best game for your family is the game you'll actually play!

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