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Tryazon Hues and Cues Party

Tryazon is a website that gives you items for free in exchange for you hosting a party to test out the items and then posting on social media about your experience. It's a pretty good deal for all involved and they have all sorts of items. A friend of mine got a stand-up paddleboard via their site! They do a lot of events with food and educational toys as well.

I sign up anytime they have a board game party and the latest one was for Hues and Cues, which was fantastic news for me because I had already been eyeing this game. I'm always on the hunt for new social games and this one seemed like it had a unique and fun premise.

We sprung the game on a group of friends and it passed muster! Incredibly easy to teach, fun to play, challenging to win. You are trying to get everyone to guess a specific spot on the board. A specific hue. You give a one word clue, everyone places a pawn on a color they think matches that clue, then you give a two word clue and everyone places a second pawn on the color of their choice. Points are awarded for how close people are to the correct spot.

I will say that it's a lot harder to give clues than you might think. We went with a lot of sports teams and food items. But even then - very tricky. Definitely a nice switch from your more standard social games though! I will definitely be making use of this game at future gatherings!

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