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Summer Game Camps 2021

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

We had a great time at my first ever summer game camps for kids!

I discovered that it's certainly different to play in a group than with one or two kids at a time and we burned through a larger number of games than I anticipated.

Good thing I have more than 200 games in my personal collection. Validation!

The hits from camps included: Rhino Hero Super Battle, Dragomino, 5-Minute Mystery, The Floor is Lava, Goat Slingers, and Loopin' Chewie.

But I think the kids enjoyed all the games to various degrees! It was a blast and I'm officially a go for winter camps the week between Christmas and New Years so I'm very excited to continue checking out new games and planning for that! It's just four two hour camps this time and the themes are: Marvel games, Cat-themed games, Dexterity games, and Cooperative games.

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