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Summer Board Game Classes

Summer board game camps for 2023 are complete! I wouldn't be able to do it without the help of my wonderful assistant teachers. And I think it's a testament to the games that my kids are so eager to help teach these classes. It's fun! It's trickier than you think to do it well though - it's quite the art to teach games quickly and make sure everyone is having a fun time. It's part teacher, part cheerleader, part ringleader at times (The Floor is Lava has become a go-to choice when the kids get tired of sitting still for all the games).

How many games does it take to teach these classes? A LOT. I always bring play date style games for free time between games and for a nice ice breaker when kids are walking into the classroom. Kids are then broken into groups and we rotate between games. We have between 6-10 official games we run through for each class. Not bad in a 2 hour class!

Many thanks to Blue Orange for sponsoring a couple of these summer game classes! They sent me a number of the games I got to use for the classes as well as fidget toys I got to hand out after the classes!

Blue Orange Games Played: Gobblet Gobblers, Tongues Out, Dragomino, Kingdomino Origins, Gigamons, Dr. Eureka, Bubble Stories, Battle Sheep, Shaky Manor, Fastrack, Yamslam, Ice Cool, Happy Bunny, Brix, King's Gold, Wilson & Shep, Pop the Box.

Cooperative Games Played: Magic Mountain, Outfoxed, My First Castle Panic, 5-Minute Dungeon, 5-Minute Mystery, Similo, Concept Kids Animals

Education Games Played: Mastermind Kids, Gravity Maze, Rush Hour, Mantis, Push, Gudetama, Illusion, Sleeping Queens, Sleeping Queens 2

Of course we still played our play date level games. Loopin Chewie is out of print but is such a hit I bring it to all of my game classes.

I have a lot of repeat sign-ups and there's a waitlist for the classes at the end of the summer. Some kids have played a lot of strategic games with their parents and some have maybe played Candyland once or twice. But everyone seems to have a really good time, which makes me glad! I bring a lot of spare games so I can go with the flow and match games to the audience of the kids who attend. I love hearing from parents about all the new games families run out and get after getting to check them out in my classes.

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