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Stephanie's Suggestions #6

Hey Anne, 

I hope everything is going well. After watching one of your videos, my son said he wanted "Greetings from Grandville". We have been playing it a lot. Although, I am concerned at how my son will drive based off his play with this game. He has the bus flipping over, running through attractions, running over people. As long as he has fun that is what matters, right? He also loves the Bluey game you mentioned. 

I have some more suggestions for you. 

  • Roasted or Toasted- this is a fun camping one. It has caused some tears from hurt feelings with the "gotcha" element aka the "roasted" cards. Overall, most kids like this game and it is nice for camping due to its smaller size and low number of components. It is from Education Outdoors and this is a good review of it.

  • Slappy Camper- yes, another camping theme! Honestly, I thought this was so gimmicky at Target. Mainly because it has a plastic "stick" with a foam marshmallow featured prominently on the top of the box. So, of course, my son, Vincent, wanted to play with the marshmallow stick. Imagine my surprise when this turns out to be a spatial awareness/ "tile" placement game. It was been a blast to play. He told me to tell you "It is super fun."  He has been making fake campfires and roasting the marshmallows; it is super cute. Now, the components are not as durable as I was like them to be; however, they seem more durable than the woman in this review suggest. There are ways to make them more durable such as laminating but I don't really want to do that at this point. Maybe when it gets to that point, I will. 

  • Clumsy Thief- Vincent has been challenging himself to count/add to 100. here is a review It is fun way to review making 100. He didn't quite get it but then again he is five. If it is a tens he can add to 100; if it has a five in the ones space, he struggled since he doesn't know how to add double digits that carry. There are other games in the thief game lineup that add up to different numbers (20 and 10, I believe). 

  • Oh My Gourd!- here is the review; go to time stamp 2:42 This is a math game with the goal of adding up to 6. If you add up to 6 and you don't have any frost/ pests/weeds, you score a level of gourd. Vincent liked to build the gourd and loved it when he got the lucky ladybug which won him the game.   

  • Monkey- This is another math game but with a monkey theme. This was easier for my son since you can "climb the tree" with a bigger number or any combination of numbers as long as the sum is larger than the "tree". We didn't play the game to full extent with "traps" and "spells". I will try that with older kids.  

Another one that we have been enjoying is "Trekking through History" but it is not 20 minutes or under. Vincent was helpful for that game mainly by passing out the components that we picked. Let me know what you think about these games. Most of them are from Amazon but Slappy Camper was from Target. 



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