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Social Games with The OP and USAopoly

I love a good social game and The OP makes some of the most fun options out there for easy to learn, family friendly social games. Tryazon partnered with USAopoly to send us Venn and Hues and Cues for a game night party and sent us this fancy box o' fun!

Venn was new to us so we started with that. I like it! You use images to try to help your team guess specific words and you can play cooperatively or competitively. It's rare to find a social game that plays well at two players so that's pretty neat. And (spoiler) you will be much more successful if you place cards out on a specific spot on the Venn diagram until your team gets to the right word and then you move on to the next spot. We thought it was going to be.a lot more difficult than it ended up being, although it is still a fun puzzle to unlock every time you play!

Hues and Cues is so simple but surprisingly challenging. How do you describe colors? And it's really funny when you use a term that you think clearly describes a specific shade but your fellow competitors think it's something else entirely. I thought sherbet would guide my fellow players to a bright pink and they went straight to orange instead. Too funny!

Both are easy, both are fun, and both are good options for any occasion you could use a lovely little social game. I have Blank Slate and Telestrations headed my way for another game party in the next couple of weeks! They are also from USAopoly, who are clearly knocking it out of the park when it comes to social games.

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