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Poetry for Neanderthals Party

Tryazon and Exploding Kittens strike again with Poetry for Neanderthals! They sent me both the base game and expansion cards so I could host a game night to check out the game.

It's a social word game with a simple premise: only use one-syllable words as clues for the word you're trying to have your team guess. That's it! You want them to guess as many words as possible before the timer runs out. You earn points for correct words.

However, because it's an Exploding Kittens game, there is a rather hilarious consequence for accidentally using a multi-syllable word. You get bopped on the head with a inflated club and a card is put on the negative points pile. Teenagers go all in on this aspect of the game, as demonstrated by my nephew.

Happy days, we actually ended up having three different parties to check it out because it was so fun and easy to teach and I was excited to show it off. We were visiting family in Boise for Thanksgiving and we had three generations laughing together after Thanksgiving dinner as we played the game together (amazing!) and then we played at church during play practice one morning and I brought it to my euchre group as well. Full stars from everyone!

I love social games, especially around the holidays when they are perfect activities to bring the whole family together and make some amazing memories. This one is an absolute blast and we'll be playing it over and over again!

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