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KantCon 2021

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Overland Park has a friendly little board game convention so I decided to attend. It was my first time at a board game convention and I was very excited.

However, I wasn't sure about the events they were offering - they seemed to be a lot of D&D games and longer board games which are fine, they just aren't my specialty. I called to get more info and ended up getting talked into running 4 hours of games in exchange for free admission.

It was SO fun! I almost lost my voice but it was completely worth it. I had an absolute blast. Highlights included meeting the reigning Diamonds board game champ from Gen Con, leading an Unmatched tournament, and trying out a few games from local game designers. I'll be at Midwest Game Fest in November! Once you start going to these conventions you just can't stop!

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