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Kabuto Sumo Game Party from Allplay!

I was delighted when Tryazon had a game night sponsored by Allplay! (formerly and I got to check out Kabuto Sumo. We actually have some of the company's carrying bags for board games and I highly recommend the products! They are very lightweight yet sturdy and make it easy to cart around the necessary number of board games for all your game nights!

The company has branched out from tables and carrying bags to some rather legit board games, hence the name change. And they're local to my area and have their headquarters in Kansas! They often donate games and gear to a local convention I go to for a large sized board game group I've joined. They are good people and they make good games, it's a win win!

And the verdict! It is great fun, although I would say it is probably more geared for kids than adults and part of the appeal of the game involves not taking it too seriously. It's a "coin pusher" where you push in your piece and try to edge out your opponent. You earn pieces that fall off the other side and they can be your path to victory. Kids love it! My ladies' game night group thought that it was a nice beginning of the night type game where you can chat and catch up without having to focus too hard on the strategy of what you are doing in the game. We enjoyed that there were two levels of rules - one where you had a bit more to do in order to earn specialty tokens and actions for your character and one where you were handed a bunch of fun pieces to begin the game and just got to have at it! I'm happy to have it in my collection, it is certainly unique. And just in general - so many bonus points to them for the general theme of this game. Hilarious and so fun!

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