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Hand to Hand Wombat: a Social Game for Kids!

We received Hand to Hand Wombat when Exploding Kittens partnered with Tryazon and sent us a copy of the game to test out. Social games can be tricky with kids but oh my, does this deliver.

The premise of the game is that you are stacking wombat poop. Yep, wombat poop. Already your child is intrigued and wants to play. Wombats poop in cubes and the game creators included an educational cartoon booklet that all the kids were excited to read.

Your goal is to create towers of blocks symbolizing wombat poop ... however! There is a secret wicked wombat in your midst trying to keep you from building these towers. They are sabotaging your build which you do with only one hand and with your eyes clothes.

If this sounds like a recipe for disaster and mayhem, it is, and the kids love it. Honestly, I loved it. Kids go nuts over this game and everyone begs for a turn being the wicked wombat. It also is one of those games that is perhaps more fun to watch than play because the building phase is so hilarious to watch.

I'm thrilled with this game. Which is good, because my kids are obsessed and it's going to get a lot of use at our house!

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