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Game of Hunt - Coming to Kickstarter in September!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I was pretty excited when I was contacted regarding a new game called Game of Hunt that would be launching a Kickstarter campaign in a few months. I was told it was 1) Cooperative 2) Geared for families and 3) Played in 20 minutes or less. Check check and check! Also it had a really neat theme and magnetic pieces. Some excellent fun factor involved as well!

We played it a lot and found that it held up well! Engaging gameplay and once you learned the basics of the first scenario you could handle the following ones pretty easily. I LOVE the game mechanism where the side of the board you sit on determines the directions of your cards. Four scenarios mean there's enough variety for extended replay of the game. Or just figure out which is your favorite scenario and play that on repeat!

Here are pictures from my how to play tutorial showing the four different game scenarios:

Recommendations/Critiques for the game:

The game works fine with all of the official player counts but we prefer to play with three or more players because the trading aspect of the game works a lot better with more people and we had more success playing the games. Also, the magnetic pieces are such a cute feature and are pretty necessary in order to not have tiny pieces getting bumped out of place constantly, that works really well and our kids loved playing around with the pieces when they weren't playing the game. The tokens are a bit generic, they're standard meeples rather than anything more exciting like little human or alien figures. But everything is very sturdy and held up to repeat play from a group of enthusiastic children who were definitely not being particularly careful with the pieces!

Overall it was a hit and the fact that my kids keep on asking to get it out and play with it is rather impressive, it's not like we have a shortage of fun kids' games around here! I'm very impressed with the unique strategic aspects of the game. Cooperative games that play well are a must for any board game loving family and this is an excellent choice!

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