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Critter Cruise - A Cooperative Bible Themed Game!

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Thank you HABA for sending me Critter Cruise to test out. I only knew the name of the game before they sent it to me and was delighted to discover that it was a Noah's Ark themed game! I never run across any Bible themed kids games and I feel that it is a vastly underserved gaming niche.

Better yet, it's aimed at ages 3+ and it's a cooperative memory game. But not a standard memory game, where you're flipping a bunch of tiles over and trying to find two matches. You just need to have Noah standing beside the correct animal as you flip over the suitcase with the matching picture on your turn.

It's a lot more forgiving than traditional memory games, a great choice for an intro game for a 3 year old. And it's a fabulous choice for siblings to play together.

I'm pretty delighted with the game. The pieces are all sturdy and colorful and fun to play with, even if you aren't playing the official game. Game play is very easy to figure out and the right level of challenge for a young child.

Find the right game and your child will be happy to play over and over again! A little game like this helps with memory, critical thinking and strategy, fine motor skills, and emotional skills like taking turns and working as a team. So many wonderful things while doing something fun that your child will enjoy!

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