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Blank Slate and Telestrations - Amazing Family Level Social Games

Tryazon keeps organizing fantastic games for their events and I was thrilled when they announced Blank Slate and Telestrations from The OP Games. I had already played both of the games and knew they were both really good and was excited for an excuse to play them as part of a game night.

Both have really simple rules, appeal to a wide age range, and are really fun to play! In Blank Slate you have a prompt card where you are supposed to fill in the blank word on the card with the word of your choosing. So if the card said _____ party you could choose to write "Surprise" or "Birthday" or "Pool" or something along those lines on your mini whiteboard. Everyone reveals their whiteboard and if you match one person you get three points, if you match more than one person you get one point, and if you don't match anyone you get zero points. Such a basic premise, so hilarious to play!

And Telestrations is essentially Pictionary meets the kids' game Telephone. The Gulf of Mexico turned into a book and finally a letter in one round. We laughed a lot over that one. But sometimes you make it, turns out everyone in our group was on top of their woodpecker drawing skills! We're usually a fairly competitive crowd but clearly the experience of playing the game was the purpose of the game and no one really cared about points.

Gatherings with friends and family are just a little more fun with a game, and social games like these can help you make the best memories together!

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