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Memory Games - Mar 2019

None of these are traditional memory games. Each takes its own spin on the memory game concept as a component of game play. 



Find and collect the colored penguin eggs! A fun twist on traditional memory games and I like that the entire game is made of high quality wood pieces. 

Age: 3-7

Rating: 8/10



Make matches in an ever changing grid in order to obtain Elemons and use their special powers! Convert Elemons into Gigamons to win the game! 

Age: 4-8

Rating: 10/10



Memory game based on an old Native American legend. Figure out which tile is the Wendigo by memorizing which camper is being replaced each turn. 

Age: 4-12

Rating: 8/10

Love Letter.JPG

Love Letter

Early and easy introduction to card counting! Those who can keep track of which cards have been played will have a much higher success rate in this game. 


Age: 8-Adult

Rating: 10/10



Fantastic social game. Give one word clues as your team attempts to find all the words from your secret grid. Remembering old clues plays a key role in this game. 

Age: 10-Adult

Rating: 10/10

Stone Soup.JPG

Stone Soup

Classic fable meets memory and matching in this cooperative game where you match up the ingredients to make your own stone soup. 

Age: 4-7

Rating: 8/10

Rat-A-Tat Cat.JPG

Rat-A-Tat Cat

Collect the lowest cards and shout out Rat-A-Tat Cat if you think you have the least points in your hand. One of our go-to games for birthday presents. 

Age: 4-8

Rating: 9/10



In this speed game you're constantly having to keep track of and remember cards that have been played and can be part of a slamwich. It requires a fair bit of focus and concentration and works your short term memory.

Age: 5-10

Rating: 9/10



You never see your hand in this cooperative game and must play cards based on clues given to you by your fellow players. Memory plays a key role over the course of the game as you must remember what clues they gave and which cards they apply to. 

Age: 8-Adult

Rating: 9/10

Codenames Duet.JPG

Codenames Duet

Cooperative two player version of Codenames! 

Age: 11-Adult

Rating: 9/10

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