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Love Letter

Overall Rating: 10/10

Age: 10+

GLAM Age Range: 8-Adult

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 20 min

Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group

Complexity: Low

Available At:


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Quick Take: So much more than the name suggests. Quick card game of risk, deduction, backstabbing, and fun! It's my favorite combination of easy to learn and simple to play but with lots of options for strategy once you play. It's great for both serious gamers and people interested in more casual game play. Quick to play, novel concept, portable, and at a nice price point, this game is a win on every level. It's fun and works well with 2 players but I would say 3 or 4 players is the ideal number to play with. I'm not sure why this is rated age 14+, I would put it at 8+. 


How to Play: When you play a card, do what it says on the card. You win a round if you are the only person left in play or if you have the highest card at the end of the round. Each player is dealt one card and then draws one card on their turn. They get to choose which card to play in the center and then they must do what the card says.  Each card has a special action and there is a helpful quick info card for each player to look at while playing that contains information about the different roles and what their actions are. With four players you need to win four rounds to win the game, with fewer players you must win additional rounds of play. 

Variations: There are a ton of spin-off versions of the game out there (including Letters to Santa).


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