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Kinder Perfect

Overall Rating: 8/10

Age: 17+

GLAM Age Range: 17-Adult

Number of Players: 3+

Playing Time: 20 mins

Publisher: KinderPerfect LLC

Complexity: Low

Available At:


Quick Take: Apples to Apples for parents. More mature content than Apples to Apples (I wouldn’t play this with my children until they were adults) but not nearly as dirty as Cards Against Humanity. We weeded out some cards (okay, a lot of cards) and played this with our church group recently and it was a hit. Great social game, it's so simple to play yet entertaining and you can play short games or long games, whatever you like.

How to Play: Player 1 plays a red prompt card and out of your hand of 10 cards you play the one you think fits best or is the funniest answer. Everyone else does the same and player 1 has to shuffle the cards put in front of him, read them out loud, and decide which is the winning answer. The person with the winning card is handed the red prompt card and that counts as one point in their favor. Once someone has collected 5 red cards they are the winner!


Variations: You can add in a random white card from the deck to each round of play if you like. This helps if you’re playing with a smaller group of people and would only have two or three cards to choose from otherwise. Also, it provides an option where the person playing the prompt card has the opportunity to win the round, because if they choose the card that none of their opponents played then they are the winner of the red card that round! And you can always weed out cards to cater the content to your audience. I would say this is a PG-13 or light R rated game and we made it PG for the church group. 

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