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Joking Hazard

Overall Rating: 7/10

Age: 17+

GLAM Age Range: 17-Adult

Number of Players: 3+

Playing Time: 20 min

Publisher: Breaking Games

Complexity: Medium

Available At:

IMG_6270 copy.jpg

Quick Take: It's Cards Against Humanity but in cartoon form. If you're familiar with the cartoon Cyanide & Happiness you will be a particularly big fan of this game. It's easy to play, it's fun, it's perfect for a party game with adults who want to have something fun to play but not have it require a lot of skill. This is one of those games where it only matters a small amount to be the winner, it's mostly just entertaining to play the game. That said, there are so many games in this genre now and this is yet another game I have to hide from my children because it they aren't kidding when they call it an offensive card game. 

How to Play: Same basic rules as Apples to Apples but with a bit of a twist due to the cartoon nature of this game. Everyone is dealt seven cards. One player is selected as the first judge and they flip a top card from the deck. Generally it's a black border card and then the judge player gets to pick a card from their own hand to place before or after the black card already on the table. The other players get to place a card of their choice from their hand face down on the table as the punchline to the three panel cartoon you have just created. The judge doesn't know who placed which card, they pick whichever punchline card they think is funniest and whoever played the card gets to retrieve their winning card and put it off to the side. Everyone draws a card so they have seven in their hand again and gets ready for the next round. Whoever wins 5 times is the big winner of the game. And if a red border card happens to be selected becomes the punchline of the cartoon and it puts special rules in place where the players get to play two cards instead of just one to complete the cartoon. 

Variations: My favorite is to throw in a random card from the deck as one of the options for the judge to pick between. This is especially helpful when you're playing with a smaller group of people, it's not that exciting to pick between two or three cards and throwing another card in the mix can make it a bit more interesting. If the judge picks the random card then they win the point for that round! Also, go for as many or as few points as you like in a game, that aspect of the game is very flexible. 


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