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Go Away Monster!.JPG

Go Away Monster!

Overall Rating: 8/10

Age: 3+

GLAM Age Range: 2-5

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 5-10 min

Publisher: Gamewright

Complexity: Low

Available At:

Go Away Monster! 2.JPG

Quick Take: Fill your bedroom with its missing pieces and get rid of any monsters you pull out of the bag as you play. This would be a fantastic game for kids who are afraid of monsters. But my kids love monsters and they are also quite enthralled. It's cute and simple, perfect for preschoolers and a 2 year old could definitely play with a little help. It's great practice for little fingers to feel for specific shapes, your preschool teacher would very much approve of this game.  


How to Play: Your goal is to be the first to fill your bedroom game board with its missing pieces. Put all the game pieces in the bag and take turns pulling out items like lamps, teddy bears, pictures, beds, and monsters! You have to pick out the items by feel, you can't look in the bag as you select your item. If you select a piece that is missing on your board, you put it in its spot. If you select a piece that you already have, then you place it back in the bag. If you select a monster, you shout, "Go away monster!" and toss it in the monster pit which is the game box. First to complete their game board is the winner, although you can play in a cooperative manner if you wish and play until everyone's game board is complete and all the monsters have been banished to the monster pit.


Variations: My older son came up with my favorite variation of this game which is to hide the monsters around the room instead of getting rid of them. In order to win you have to have a couple under the bed and if you draw a teddy bear before the monsters are hidden under the bed, the monsters eat your teddy bear. Hilarious. This also means that he has to collect a couple more pieces than officially mandated by the game rules, which is helpful if he's playing against his younger brother. 


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