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Games You Can Play Around a Baby or Toddler

We have 1 year old at our house and while the kids adore her, they also still want their game time. These are the games that we find are easiest to play while avoiding toddler destruction. They don't require too much thinking, they aren't speed games, and it generally doesn't matter if the pieces get mixed up a little mid game. 

Pancake PileUp.JPG

Pancake Pile-Up

Social game for the youngest set. Great for a family BBQ or if you want to get some energy out during a playdate. Race to build the pancakes pile on your card. Kids love pancakes, this game is very cute. 

Age: 2-6

Rating: 7/10

Pie Face.JPG

Pie Face

It turns out pie or whipped cream hitting a person in the face is eternally funny. There are My Little Pony, Olaf, and Minion versions as well as one with a cannon (?!?) and Showdown, the one where two people line up side by side and hit a button as quickly as possible to compete for who will get whipped cream to the face. Kids lose their minds over this game

Age: 2-16

Rating: 8/10


Bounce Off

Like darts but with balls. There are a number of versions out there, it's great if you want an dart-like experience without putting holes in your walls. It's also great to have a game that keeps small children entertained but is also a viable game for grownups. 

Age: 3-Adult

Rating: 7/10



Quicker, more strategic version of Yahtzee where the dice are contained within the board. As long as our 1 year old is handed a poker chip or two she is appeased and doesn't destroy this game. 

Age: 6-Adult

Rating: 10/10



Guess the secret words! A more competitive party game with a bunch of spin-offs like Disney, Marvel, and Pictures. A favorite at our house. 


Age: 10-Adult

Rating: 10/10

Feed the Woozle.JPG

Feed the Woozle

Cooperative social game if you want the kids to play and be more about enjoying the experience than cutthroat competition. Do a series of fun or silly activities as you feed the Woozle monster. 

Age: 3-6

Rating: 7/10

Rock Paper Scissors War.JPG

Rock Paper Scissors War!

Rock paper scissors combined with war combined with super powers. This game is so great and as long as you play it up on a table and away from baby clutches you should be okay. 

Age: 3-12

Rating: 8/10

Family Charades.JPG

Family Charades

Classic charades and reverse charades (group acts out and one person guesses). One of our favorites to play around the baby, we just carry her around and occasionally use her as a prop as we act out clues. 

Age: 4-Adult

Rating: 9/10

Pling Pong.JPG

Pling Pong

Your non-alcoholic, more strategic, all ages version of beer pong. Nice for a new game to play outside at a BBQ.  

Age: 8-Adult

Rating: 6/10

Kinder Perfect.JPG

Kinder Perfect

Cards against humanity but for parents of young children. There's literal potty humor, this is ideal for a baby shower or a parenting group.

Age: 17-Adult

Rating: 8/10

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