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GLAM #1 Games List

It's difficult to pick a #1 game for any age. If the game listed below for a certain age doesn't tickle your fancy, I invite you to check out our games lists which give you many more options to choose from!


Age: 2

Players: 2-4

Rating: 8/10

Let's Go Fishin'

It says ages 3+ on the box but this is my choice for ages 2+ and maybe even younger. They play it a little differently at 2 but it's mesmerizing and fun. 10/10 for keeping a toddler entertained and being virtually indestructible. 


Age: 4

Players: 2-4

Rating: 10/10

Hoot Owl Hoot!

Cooperative game! Feels like a new classic when you play it. Get the owls to their nest before the sun comes up. This game is great for younger kids or a mixed age group of kids. It ages well, kids will enjoy playing this for years.


Age: 6

Players: 2-4

Rating: 10/10


Memory game combined with cute characters with special powers. Great alternative to traditional memory games. 


Age: 8

Players: 2-5

Rating: 10/10


Dice game that takes just a minute to learn but requires a good amount of strategy. A Mensa game (so fancy)! Great for both kids and adults. 


Age: 3

Players: 2-4

Rating: 9/10

Busytown Eye Found It!

Cooperative game! They are such life savers for young ages. This game teaches the basics of using a spinner, counting your spaces, and it's quick to play and pretty much always ends happily. What more could you want?


Age: 5

Players: 2-4

Rating: 10/10


This is a whodunit in the general style of Clue but simpler and with faster game play and some cute novelty factors to boot. Catch which fox stole the pie! A decoder is involved, super fun. 

Zombie Kidz Evolution.jpg

Age: 7

Players: 2-4

Rating: 10/10

Zombie Kidz Evolution

Cooperative zombie fighting game with envelopes you get to open as you progress in the game, giving your heroes new powers and mutating your zombies. 


Age: 10+

Players: 2-4

Rating: 10/10


Simple premise, excellent game play, collect jewels to buy cards and get to 15 points first. It's one of our go-to games for an adult game night.

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