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Enchanted Forest

Overall Rating: 8/10

Age: 4+

GLAM Age Range: 4-8

Number of Players: 2-6

Playing Time: 20 min

Publisher: Ravensburger

Complexity: Low

Available At:

Enchanted Forest 2.JPG

Quick Take: Fairy tale themed memory game. Travel through an enchanted forest and memorize what is under all the trees. A more strategic and slightly longer memory game for young kids. 


How to Play: Your goal is to be the first to collect three cards. You obtain these cards by rolling the dice and moving your token around the board, looking under trees as you pass by. A card is flipped up at the top of the board and you must travel to the top of the board and remember the tree that the magical object is pictured on. If you are correct you collect the card. First to three cards is the winner. 

Variations: If the game seems to be dragging on we just flip through the cards at the top and go around in a circle and see who can guess the trees that correspond to the cards correctly. We also rarely use the rule where you can land on the same spot and bump a player back to the starting spot, it just seems a little tough for a game with young children.


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