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Educational Games - July 2019

It's the middle of the summer and you want to make sure your child remembers how to read and count when they get back to school - but you also want them to enjoy their summer. Games to the rescue!

Busytown Cars and Trucks.JPG

Busytown Cars and Trucks

Mostly number recognition and a little bit of addition. Excellent for younger kids.

Age: 2-5

Rating: 6/10



Learn some nature trivia over the summer! This game is great and can be scaled for any age level, from preschooler to adult. 

Age: 4-12

Rating: 9/10



Get your kid a Mensa endorsed game! We love this game, it's easy to learn and play but there's lots of opportunity for strategy. 

Age: 6-Adult

Rating: 10/10



Collect cards that allow you to roll dice in order to battle various beasts and mystical creatures! Lots of addition and subtraction and some probability are employed in this standout game.


Age: 6-14

Rating: 10/10



Lots of math calculations as you multiply your score on your tiles by the number of crowns you have. Great for kids as well as adult game nights.

Age: 7-Adult

Rating: 10/10



The Word Builder version is my favorite and is wonderful for practicing spelling. 

Age: 3-8

Rating: 8/10

Sleeping Queens.JPG

Sleeping Queens

Making simple math problems is an essential aspect of this game!


Age: 5-12

Rating: 9/10

Dinosaurs Mystic Islands.JPG

Dinosaurs Mystic Islands

One player puzzle/logic game. Great for when your kid has long chunks of time to work through some of the challenges. 

Age: 6-12

Rating: 9/10

Roller Coaster Challenge.JPG

Roller Coaster Challenge

Our elementary school owns a bunch of copies of this game and uses it during STEM class time. Another one player puzzle/logic game, who doesn't want to build some roller coasters?

Age: 6-12

Rating: 8/10

Gravity Maze.JPG

Gravity Maze

Puzzle/logic game. One player! Great for when you reinstate quiet time for your child who is too old for naps. 

Age: 8-12

Rating: 9/10

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