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Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Castle Game

Overall Rating: 8/10

Age: 3+

GLAM Age Range: 3-6

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 10 min

Publisher: Hasbro

Complexity: Low

Available At:


Disney Princess Magic Castle 2.JPG

Quick Take: When I originally looked up information about this game, a review I found online complained that it was too short. My response to that was “sold!” It’s a very basic spinner and follow the board game with one or two small elements where you can go forward or be sent back. However, the geniuses who designed this game made it so you can add expansions by purchasing other pop-up magic princess games that feature other princesses. It makes the games last a little longer if you get the expansions and it helps princess dreams come true. 

How to Play: Try to get to the finish first. There’s a spinner and quite a few specialty spots on the board. If you land on a villain spot, you go back three spaces. If you land on a jewel spot, you flip over one of the special friend tiles that are to the side of the game-board and if you pick one that corresponds with your character, you get to move ahead six spaces. If the tile you pick doesn’t match your character, it goes back into the pile and your turn is over.

Variations: Purchase additional pop-up princess magic games if you want to connect them to each other and have a longer game. If the villain spots on the board scare your children (we experienced this for a while, Disney may have done too good of a job establishing scary villains) then you can let your child skip over them or have the villain spot help their character instead of sending them back three spaces. 


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