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Dinosaur Escape

Overall Rating: 10/10

Age: 4+

GLAM Age Range: 3-7

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 10 min

Publisher: Peaceable Kingdom

Complexity: Low

Available At:


Quick Take: Cooperative memory game with a dinosaur twist, what isn’t there to love about this game? Everything is very simple and fun to play and has great groundwork for more advanced games. My oldest son was obsessed with this game for ages. It was especially nice because he doesn’t like traditional memory games but he loves Dinosaur Escape.  


How to Play: The goal is to match up the three dinosaurs with their corresponding tokens before the volcano is assembled. There is only one bad token to watch out for, the T-Rex token, which if uncovered makes all the dinosaurs go back to their start spots on the board. 

Variations: You can leave the tokens flipped up if the memory aspect of the game is a little tricky for your child. Adjusting that aspect of the game makes it easier to play with younger children. Or if the T-Rex tile scares your kid, you can take it out. My son hated that the safety island was on the board within reasonable proximity of the volcano spot so he created his own game piece that could be placed a few feet away from the game for the dinosaurs to travel to once they had matched up with their tokens.

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