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Codenames Duet

Overall Rating: 9/10

Age: 11+

GLAM Age Range: 11-Adult

Number of Players: 2+

Playing Time: 20 min

Publisher: Czech Games Edition

Complexity: Medium

Available At:





Quick Take: They turned Codenames into a cooperative two player game and it works so well! It's still the basic game concept of a secret grid for the cards you're trying to get each other to guess but in this case you each have your own secret grid for the same set of cards. You're basically trying to guess all the cards within a certain number of turns.


How to Play: You have a two sided grid and one player can see one side while the other player sees a completely different grid on the other side. You give one word clues to help each other guess all 16 secret words in 9 turns or less without hitting one of the three deadly spy words. Game over if you do! It’s a cooperative game so if you play games with overly competitive people prone to victory dances (my husband thought they were gone but I brought them back) then this may be your best version of Codenames to play. 


Variations: Like regular Codenames, you can basically play with as many people as you like and it doesn’t really change the basic facets of the game or give either team an advantage if they have more people. You just pile more people onto either team and they work together to guess or give clues. And you are free to set your number of turns to whatever number you like, really. They officially give you up to 11 rounds if you want a few extra turns to guess, pick whatever number works best for you.  


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