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Cat Crimes

Overall Rating: 10/10

Age: 8+

GLAM Age Range: 7-Adult

Number of Players: 1

Playing Time: 5 min

Publisher: ThinkFun

Complexity: Low-High

Available At:

Cat Crimes 2.jpg

Quick Take: Who knew logic games could be this fun? Both my 6 and 7 year old took turns blazing through the crime scenarios for this cat themed whodunnit. There are 40 cards with crime scenarios from beginning to expert level. They give you pieces of information about where the cats are located around the game board and you must fill in where everyone must be placed based on the information given. Figure out which cat was at the scene of the crime in order to win the game!

How to Play: You must place all the cats around the board fulfilling the clues listed on a challenge card in order to solve a cat crime. The board has a total of six spots, each with three different characteristics like a yarn ball, mouse, and cat paw print on one space of the board and a birdcage, mouse toy, and cat claw marks on another spot on the board. On each card a cat commits a crime like knocking over the coffee cup, or unraveling the ball of yarn. Set up the cats around the board meeting the requirements of the challenge card and see which cat was at the spot where the crime took place in order to win!

Variations: It says it's a single player game and our 7 year old was able to play the beginner levels independently but I think it's more fun to play with more people. The 6 and 7 year old were able to successfully play some intermediate levels as a team and no one even fought so we're big fans of this game right now. 

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