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Camping Trip Games - July 2020

Everyone I know is camping or going to the lake right now, because what else is there to do for vacation during a pandemic? Be sure to bring a fun game along with you!

Spot it Animals.JPG

Age: 2-6

Players: 2-6

Rating: 9/10

Spot it Jr.! Animals

Very portable animal themed speed game for smaller kids. Big kids like it too! Be the first to find the matching animal on two cards. 

Pass the Pigs.JPG

Age: 4-Adult

Players: 2+

Rating: 8/10

Pass the Pigs

Roll your pigs, try to reach 100 points first without a "Pig Out!" Pictured is the Big Pigs Edition, I recommend the original small version for camping. I used to play this on Middle School camping trips, it is a game that appeals to all ages. 

Super Kitty Bug Slap.JPG

Age: 5-12

Players: 2-5

Rating: 8/10

Super Kitty Bug Slap

Speed game with a cat theme? Sold! Try to slap any card placed down that has an attribute that matches your starter card. You get +1 for cards that match and -2 for cards that don't match, so slap carefully!



Age: 6-Adult

Players: 2

Rating: 8/10


Great theme for the gardener in your life, and a great tool to teach a few flower names! Collect the biggest flowers to win. There's a surprising amount of strategy involved.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf.JPG

Age: 8-Adult

Players: 3-10

Rating: 8/10

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Particularly if you have a larger group, this is a great game to play while camping. There are a number of roles to play in your quest to figure out who the werewolf is hiding in your midst!


Age: 4-12

Players: 2-8

Rating: 9/10


Doesn't the name say it? It's a great trivia game that is tiered for different age levels. Great fun for campers young and old!


Age: 4-12

Players: 2-6

Rating: 8/10


Cute memory game meets terrifying Native American legend. This game is our most played memory game. I like that it has more strategy than a typical memory game.

Shadows in the Forest.JPG

Age: 5-14

Players: 2-7

Rating: 9/10

Shadows in the Forest

It needs to be pitch black for this game to work well and you need a flat surface for the board but the effort is well worth it for this game that has a serious cool factor. It's like freeze tag in the dark, board game style.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.JPG

Age: 7-12

Players: 3-8

Rating: 8/10

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Camp means speed games and this one is great for a big group. Say the name of the game as you play the cards and if the card you play matches the word, slap! Try to be first to get rid of your cards, slowest person to slap is the one to collect a pile of cards. 



Age: 8-Adult

Players: 4-10

Rating: 10/10


Word guessing game with roles much like One Night Ultimate Werewolf. The Werewolf tries to lead you astray so you don't guess the correct word!

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