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Animal Upon Animal.jpg

Animal Upon Animal

Overall Rating: 7/10

Age: 4+

GLAM Age Range: 4-7

Number of Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 5 min

Publisher: HABA

Complexity: Low

Available At:




Animal Upon Animal 2.jpg

Quick Take: Cute stacking dexterity game, very well-made. My parents love playing this with our kids on repeat, it's easy to pick up the rules and the games are very short. This game is great for building fine motor skills and working on some spatial reasoning for younger kids!

How to Play: Your goal is to be the first to play all your animals. Each player is given one of each kind of animal for a total of seven animals. The crocodile is your playing space. On your turn, you roll the die. There are a variety of actions on the die: you can play one or two animals, hand an animal of your choice to your opponent and have them play it for you, your opponent can be the one to pick the animal you must play from your provision onto the stack, or you can get to place an animal of your choice beside the crocodile in order to extend the playing space. If the stack tumbles down the player who made it fall collects two of the animals back into their provision and the rest are placed back in the box. This makes it far less demoralizing to play this game, this is a great rule for the age level this game is geared for. Whoever plays all their animals first is the winner!

Variations: You can alter the number of animals players start with or ignore the rule about seven different animals and let the players take turns picking whatever kind of animals they like so they can have multiple of the same type of animal in their provision at the start of the game. 

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